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Pictures That’ll Accurately Sum Up Your First Year Of University

Eagerly signing up for an insane amount of clubs during freshers Week, only to then never attend any of their meetings.

Taking quite possibly the worst photo of your life for your student ID card.

Promising to get better grades every year, only to accept that you’re most likely going to fail halfway through.

Calculating the minimum number of marks needed to pass a subject.

Constantly debating whether attending university is actually worth it.

Working on an entire group project yourself because no one else is bothered to get their shit together.

Dragging yourself out of the warmth and safety of your bed to attend an 8am lecture.

Congratulating yourself when you do any sort of work.

Living off a diet that basically consists of instant noodles, pasta, coffee, and cheap alcohol.

Attempting to learn an entire semester’s worth of content right before an exam.

Going out with your friends even though you have an assignment due at 9am the next day.

Spending all your life savings on textbooks that you only use once.

Avoiding certain areas during student elections you won’t get swarmed with flyers.

Pretending that everything’s fine when someone asks how you’re doing.

Putting effort into an assignment and receiving a barely passable grade.

Doing anything and everything besides studying for your exams.


Having your camera roll transform into a mini note-taker.

Taking a nap because you need a break from all your stressful responsibilities.

Rocking up to lectures feeling like absolute death because of your hangover.

And learning how to budget your meagre student bank account… the hard way.

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